Precision Coatings

Romacoat Coatings

Romacoat Ltd can offer a large range of painting services and with 4 large spray booths and stoving capabilities we can take on most projects. We have experience in spraying on to substrates such as Metal, Composites, Wood, Glass and Plastics. The factory is set out to meet all aerospace standards, ensuring all environmental conditions are monitored and full traceability is maintained.

A selection of paint services we can offer are:

All wet paint (solvent and water based) finishes.
Powder coating
Stove enamelling
Dry film Lubricant
Xylan Coating
Self Lubricating Coatings
Soft touch coating
Z306 & Z307 (Outgassing coating for the Space sector)
Infrared Reflective (IRR)
Solar Heat Reflective (SHR)
Chemical Agent Resistant (CARC) 

Additional Services


We are also able to offer Shot blasting, Pencil Blasting, Intricate masking, Silk screening, stencilling and Infill.